Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CHA Chairty Wings Crafty Dress designed for Elena

Hello everyone and welcome!

Today is a quick photo post of my dress I made for Elena over at Charity Wings. She is waring it for the second day of Live from CHA! To see more projects with more of these types of flowers then check out my other blog post about my sister's wedding.

All hand sewn onto a base tank dress from Walmart...  Shhhh don't tell Elena... LOL!

As always got to give props to my HELMAR adhesive! LOVE this stuff... All the flowers and embellishments were attached with these glues...

Close up of the crown and wings stitched with DMC floss.

To see how I made these flower check out this tutorial I posted on Helmar's blog.

Thanks so much for viewing. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.
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