Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day! - Oak Table Flip to World Map Statement Piece

Hello World of readers! Happy Earth Day to you!

Well this one took a while but well worth it. He is done... meet Magellan! Painted by hand with my favorite paints on the market! These make refinishing so easy to do!

Shabby Paints Brand paints used were: Cali Taupe, Old Gold Shimmer, Hazelnut ReVax, Sheer Vax and a custom Mixed color...

Vintage Sue Blue -
  • 3 parts marine blue
  • 2 part licorice
  • 1/2 part so serene
  • 1/2 part oh so shabby

This blue was hand mixed by myself to achieve a color from my childhood. Our living room was this color for many, many years. In honor of my mother and her "vintage" love for this blue... It is now my first custom color I will be offering and it is called "Vintage Sue Blue". Love you Mom!

The entire piece has been hand painted and the land masses were drawn and painted freehand.

Here is an insight to the creative processes. I really wanted to label the land masses and larger bodies of water. So I took some transparencies and cut them into pieces and wrote on them while they were laying on top of the map design... testing to see how it would look.

I asked around and in the end I decided not to add the words. The top was then distressed and dry brushed with Hazelnut ReVax.  

The bottom legs have a gold dip dyed look to them with old gold shimmer dry brushed onto the Vintage Sue Blue base. I began this step by painting Cali Taupe under all the old gold shimmer edging.

Once the old gold was painted on I painted the legs with the Vintage Sue Blue recipe listed above. I painted it down over the tops of the Cali Taupe/Old Gold to a measured height and created the line you see here.

Once the blue was cured over night I dry brushed the Old gold on the underside of the table with a chip brush. Don't you just love the depth it adds to the legs?

The entire piece was sealed with two coats of Sheer Vax. I love the Vax product by +Shabby Paints, it is so easy to use, non toxic, VOC free and MADE IN THE USA!

Hope you like this project. Please help support me by sharing, pinning or commenting below with your thoughts about this piece. Thank you!

EDIT/UPDATE: This project won a prize from Shabby Paints as a monthly favorite project. Thank you Shabby Paints!!!! I could not have created this without you!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

A worn down Pier One End Table gets refinished with chalk paint

Hello everyone!

Déjà Vu Thrift Boutique (Elgin, SC)

Today I am sharing with you this fantastic lil' end table that went from drab to fab! This worn down beauty had see better days for sure.

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Look at all that water damage on the legs!!!

But with some attention, love and the right kind of paints it is now a lovely piece suitable for any home.

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The top is done in Shabby Paint's Hazelnut Re-Vax on Raw wood. Giving it a beautiful color and a seal too.

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The base and legs are done in Shabby Paint's Alamo White with Hazelnut Re-Vax and Sheer Vax as a sealer and to add a beautiful tint of color and

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Isn't this a striking combination? Simple, rustic and elegant at the same time!

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Now that is "ALL GUSSIED UP"!

How do you care for a piece of furniture like this? Check out the Shabby Paints chalk paint manufacture page.

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