Saturday, June 18, 2011

Helmar & Best Creations Inc. dance right out of this world! ((Giveaway - Read how to enter))

Good afternoon Everyone!

Here is my post for the week over at the Helmar Blog. I hope you enjoy it!

"I am so excited to share with you my projects I have been creating with the most wonderful papers around. Best Creation Inc. and Helmar partnered up this week and wow, what a ride it has been. I have had a great time with these papers. They are a very nice printed quality accented with the greatest (non-flaking) glitter coating! No mess!!! Now, love glitter in my hair maybe a bit more then the next girl but ... no mess... that is just amazing!

I had so much fun with the Robots line from Best Creation Inc. My son saw this paper and immediately wanted a sign for his door... he also wanted me to add, "Trinity NOT Allowed!" That would be for his sister... LOL... like those three words would be some magic force field protecting his room from her. Well I said no, thus shattering that force field dream. However, he does love his new sign for his door.

Best Creation Inc. and Helmar are extremely good partners. I love to fussy cut and Helmar makes all those detail images just pop out of the project. I love the dimension you can create with Helmar‘s Zap Dots and Liquid Scrap dots. On this project I only used Liquid Scrap Dots because the height and levels are all adjustable when you work with a liquid. This product is one of my favorites to use! I placed Liquid Scrap Dots at the bottom of the images around the planet. Once it dried they are very secure. Also I used them to lift up the spaceship, rocket, and planet on the front of the project and to lift up the yellow ring around the planet.

My next favorite product from Helmar is their Crackle Medium! Now I have to say that this is the very first time trying this product. It is so easy to do and just look at the results! I inked, spritzed and doodled on the planet before applying Helmar 's Crackle Medium (step 1 and 2).

Once step 2 was dry I took some blue craft in on a sponge and accented around the edge of the planet and in the craters. I then wiped off the excess blue ink with a clean dry paper towel. This left the blue ink inside the cracks in those areas and I just LOVE how it fades in and out around the planet! Don't you?

This Super Star LO is one I have wanted to do for a while but usually I have a harder time scrapbooking in primary colors and in a boyish style. My son is seen here with his first science project he did in the first grade. I love the proud look on his face. These Best Creation Inc. Robot papers made this page a breeze!

I used Helmar's Zap Dots to layer everything up all the gears. The word "Super" is raised by the wonderful Liquid Scrap Dots, because it was to thin to use the squares or circles of the Zap Dots. Helmar 's got the right tool for every job.

Now it is time for my favorite project of the week... mostly because it is pink and about dancing, two of my 10 ten favorite things. It also has my favorite daughter in it (she is my only daughter... LOL). This is a shadow box I got a while a go on clearance... it is from Martha Stewart. I thought it would be the perfect stage for my daughter's dancing photos. Look at her cute little friends that came by from the Ballet Princess line over at Best Creation Inc.

The adhesives of choice on this project were Helmar 's Zap Dots, Quick Fix Adhesive Runner and the best liquid glue... Helmar's 450! The 450 was used to adhere the ribbon and the clear sequin trims around the edge of the box. Also under all the flowers. The Zap Dots were used behind the curtain to adhere the close-up photo of my daughter and behind her body shot photo to raise her up from the back of the box. Using these Zap Dots gave this shadow box all the shadows it needed to create depth and dimension.

Pst.. .remember I mentioned my love for glitter… here it is! See it on the curtains? The coating they use to put their glitter on is great! Notice there is no glitter flakes flying all around inside of the shadow box?

I know we usually chat about the 450 and Zap Dots being the bee's knees a lot and for good reason... but today I want to chat about Helmar 's Quick Fix Adhesive Runner. I have to say it is really amazing! It glides on with ease and leaves a solid strip of adhesive. Has less "boogers" than other tape runners I have used and it has a great hold! Usually I would have used the 450 on the ribbon around the sides here but I wanted to try out this Quick Fix Adhesive Runner on the ribbon. It went on very smooth over all the grosgrain bumps and gave it a seamlessly smooth finish once adhered to the box.

I hope you have enjoyed reading up on all the fun projects and wonderful products I have had the pleasure to create with this week. I hope you all have the same opportunity with these Best Creation Inc. papers and of course the best adhesive in the world... Helmar!

This week's Helmar Giveaway can be found HERE that the Helmar Blog!

There is one spectacular day left of this beautiful partnership. Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see more creations with this winning combo."


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Been a while since....

The last time I got published with SNR, or even submitted any projects. I do love the feeling of getting that letter of accpetance and then the fun of seeing your project posted with all the other wonderful layouts or cards. If you have a subscription check it out...
Trinity's Fasionista Party Invitations and a Layout Page of Tristan. Those of you with subs to this publication check it out... Mine is in the Fussy Cutting Scrapbooking article and the other is in the purses/dresses in the Card section.

Hope you all get a chance to hop on over there and prepared to be inspired by so many wonderful and talented ladies!

Happy Scrapping!