Thursday, April 3, 2014

Month of the Military Child - A Poem I Wrote for My Kids

Hello everyone,

I have something a little different to share with you today. This month, the month of April, is the "Month of the Military Child"

I wrote a poem on Facebook for my kids and my son wanted me to share it on my blog. He loved every word.

Photo courtesy of my brother in law Lance Lauer

I am a military child,
this is the life I was given.
My heart roams wild,
but my mind stays driven.

Friends we make,
friends we leave behind.
My pride I will take,
with me every time.

Home is here,
where ever my family may be.
The love we share,
grows deep inside of me.

My daddy may have to go
any day far away.
My heart will know,
his love with me will stay.

For freedom he fights,
for those rich and those poor.
Sacrifices we make,
to keep safe which you adore.

So keep within your heart,
the love our family gives.
To this beloved country,
so your life you can live.

Coordinator at Party Time Tuesdays