Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Quiet Creativity and a sneak peak on new projects

Hello everyone!

I know I have been creatively quite on here as of late but I am working on switching out a new window display that will have several projects in it for me to share with you! I can't wait but I have these images to ponder while you wait...

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CHAW 2012- quick - photo post of the booths and people I met

  Some fun at CHA! I know it's been a few weeks but I am still so excited about my experience there and I have more to share. I came home hitting the ground running and I finally have just a minute to share some more photos with you.

Anna Griffin has got to be the sweetest person I met that I truly admire all of her lines and talent. From Scrapbooking to stationary, tote bags to wedding invitations. She does it all!

BasicGrey always has stunning products and their displays were nothing less then that.

Here I am at the every so cute and blingy Crafty Chica booth! I just love the signs they had to pose with this one reads "I know that when one door closes a jar of glitter opens"... HAD to use that one.

 Over at the Cosmo Cricket booth there were tons of smiles as I got to introduce myself to Julie! She was so sweet and I do adore their new lines too! I heart CC!

 I thought it was fun to get guys in my photos so when I stopped by the DMC threads booth (of which some of their floss was used in making the wings) I had to get them up and in the photo with me. Such good sports! They probably think I am nuts... LOL!

The guys over at Echo Park Paper Co. were so polite when putting up with us girls wanting the photo ops with some of our favorite paper people.

 The people at Glitter Dust were so nice to let me take this photo... I took it cause their booth was all pink and black for my sweet daughter who just loves those colors.

 Emma Lou over at Heartfelt Creations was more then kind to me and took some time to chat about all the wonderful things they have in store.

 Helmar was my home... home base (shared with Charity Wings Organization) but none the less these girlies and Mr. Mark were my family! I can't tell you how much I grew closer to these extremely talented artist and I love each and every one of them. My heart aches writing this as I miss my Helmar Hotties so much!

 One more photo of my Helmar Home...


 Jenni Bowlin was so sweet and I adored her new lines coming out.

The gentlemen over can KaiserCraft allowed me to take this photo in front of my FAVORITE new line!!!!  They also were very generous with their time and I just love, love, love their products.

 Kelly Marie over at Lawn Fawn is such a darling lady. She had a great photo op at the booth and was so excited to work with Charity Wings and chit chatted with me during her down time. I heart Lawn Fawn!

 Nikki Sivils, wow, what a lady and her hubby was right there too. Supporting her and taking the photos.

 I had to take a photo for me and my mom with Offray Ribbons. I have always had them in my possession all my life. Thanks mom for raising me in a creative world.

Being that I was walking around looking like a tattered angel I had to stop on by the booth with some of the most fun products to work with. I just love misting and all the sparkle!

 Technique Tuesday is a company I have always enjoyed. Years now I have loved a lot of their products.

 Last but not least, Teresa Collins. I was so pleased to meet her and be able to spend a moment chatting about our work and creations. She is so sweet and talented.

Hope you enjoyed this brief photo tour of CHA... the sad part is this is only the icing on the cake... there were so many wonderful booths and people to see. I did not have time to take photos with them all.

Please comment your thoughts below and have a happy crafty day!

One for the road... PHOTO BOMB ... TIM HOLTZ!!!! (one thing I always did was sit back politely and wait until people had time to chat with me. Tim Holtz however was always busy and had a mob of people around him... sooo....)

Doesn't he look happy? LOL! He had no idea I was back there until the ladies watching his class started giggling.
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Organize your flowers in your Craft or Scrap room

SIDE NOTE: Before you get started today I wanted to take a moment to note that the last post was my 200th post on this blog! I can't believe I missed it. LOL! (you may proceed)

Challenge #10 - FLOWERS

There are lots of ways to store flowers, colorful, beautiful flowers. This is the fun stuff, in my opinion. hehe...

SORTING: You can sort your flowers by size, or color, or MFG or types. Most people do it by color or MFG.

Before choosing a storage option think of how many you have... what sizes they range from and how you want to sort them. Please leave room for you to grow.


Page protector pockets: (by MFG then collection)

Tool Drawers:
Sherrie's Scrap Shack By Sherried id=120358...

Displayed in Jars:
IKEA Wall Storage Unit By Jellyziva

Scraproom Flower Organization-Glass Jars By Devine Scrapper

Over the door shoe storage: id=245879...

{F - Flowers} By KellyCali

Starbucks bottles: id=137485...

Art Bin: id=230816... id=124113...

Ziploc and Boxes: (one of the most space saving options) id=219883...

Ziplocs could also be used to sort them... punch a hole in the corner of the baggie and loop them by color families or MFG with a ribbon or a ring and hang them up on the peg board.

POD 4-20 By TexasMomOf4 id=165234...

Clear food containers: id=163498...

Spice Rack (reused): id=130726...

Altered Spice Rack By Stampin Aggie

Only problem with spice racks is the size. If you want room to grow they will not allow you to add larger flowers.

Bead Containers: id=111073...

These come in various sizes.

I hope everyone has fun sorting and storing these beautiful embellishments.

One last photo... it is my storage... I got these at a thrift shop they were donated after a wedding so there were a ton of them there.

As always please share any thoughts. 


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Organize your Scraproom - Kits, Scrap paper, die cuts Challenge

Challenge #9 Week #3 PART 2 - Kits, Scrap paper, and die cuts

Several of you have already begun sorting a few of these categories. So we will be going over them quickly.

KITS: Most kits come packaged in large Ziploc or cellophane baggies. Kits are coordinated and work best if you can keep them together until you use them. They are great for crops those times when you want to produce something quickly. Since most kits will included a color scheme and multiple MGS I would suggest sorting them by theme or kit club you received them from.

You can create you own kits if you wish out of your stash or you can purchase them from various companies and kit-clubs online or at your LSS.

Storage Solutions:
See last challenge for standard paper storage... for example you can have a vertical cropper hopper just for kits, etc.

Clip it up: id=229442...

A shelf: id=222679...

Wire tower of drawers categorized by theme: id=140018...

SCRAPS: Scraps are a nuisance but since most of scrapbooks are part "collector" then we tend to save them for a rainy day or we pawn them off on our kids. LOL.

Scraps should be sorted like you sorted your PP and CS... if you did that by color then sort the scraps by color. If you did it by theme then ... sort your scraps by theme...etc.

BE REALISTIC!!! Only keep the scraps you know you will use... for example if you cut up 1/2 of a 12x12 piece of paper then you have a 6x12 scrap that can be used on a smaller page, run through a cricut or even to make cards. Don't keep (and I am guilty of this) a random shaped piece of paper big enough for one punch from a decorative punch. What I have come to decide is, if I want to save every little piece is this rule:

    It must be at least 4.25"x5.5" to keep in my sorted scraps or I take my punches and punch flowers or hearts or leaves etc. and sort those into my die cuts.

Fallowing this rule keeps my scrap storage organized by size and only usable scraps are saved. My punches and die cut shapes are there for me and my kids to purge at our leisure.

Storage solutions:
Storage Photo Box: If your determined to use the scraps as photo mats or cards then this will work for you: id=245336...

Scrap storage By Lifeinthefastlane

File drawer (vertical storage): id=228950...

File Container: id=139643...

Plastic drawers (horizontal storage): id=222969...

Shelves: Ziploc: Scrap paper storage By Shirleyanne4557

Cropper Hopper: Ziploc:
Storage for Paper scraps. By Ande

Ziploc hanging on the back of the door: Scraproom Re-org - Photo 6 By Deend31

Scrapease file system: Scrap-eze - way to organize your scraps By TriciaH

Binders: (one of the most inexpensive ways to go)
Scrap paper storage By Hanging By A Moment inside my scrap paper binders By Hanging By A Moment

Extra die cuts and punches are another batch of little items to sort like chipboard. The majority of the time they are not too large (especially the extra punches). There are not many examples of how to store this on this site's gallery... here is an idea of a container I would use to store my smaller die cuts and extra punched papers... (like I said before I do tend to collect extra punched papers from my smaller scraps before I throw them away).

Plastic divided container: id=315379...

Baseball card binder:

In this article: mbellishm... they suggest that you do this...

    Storage Solution:
    To protect your die cuts and stickers and still keep them visible when you want flip through and access them, use clear storage pages. I used baseball card holders, 4 x 6 photo sleeve pages, 5 x 7 photo sleeve pages, full page protectors or special plastic pages made for accent storage. All these options were available at my local Wal-Mart and other discount stores. Any of these pages will fit in standard 3-ring binders.

Storage bins like these work great too: c309-p2,309...

Does anyone else have a storage solution to share? I am hoping this will be an easy challenge for you all tonight since we are tackling our paper storage this week.