Saturday, June 22, 2013

Henna for fun is a gateway medium...

Hello Everyone!

The summer is keeping me very busy and I have a new art medium I have discovered I am good at with some practice.

Lots and lots of practice.... and when I ran out of room on my body and my daughters I began working on paper.

Henna "for fun" is a gateway medium for the artistic business woman! So I was at a local East Indian Shop with my friend who was looking for some unique fabric and I saw the oh so beautiful henna cones on the shelf. My daughter was with me and she flipped out! We love henna and getting it done at the local events and fairs.  So we nagged 6 cones so we would have some for the 4th of July block party too and went home and began Hennaing everything! What a sight we have been this past month with a new found summer fun activity. (I wouldn't let her go to school all tattooed up like this) Here are just some of the designs we started off with...

The Henna Peacock design was done on her shoulder... she just loves peacocks.

"T" is for Trinity on her foot. She saw this one with a Hindu symbol on a foot and just loved it but she (being 8 and not understanding the symbolism) decided she wanted her initial not the "E" she saw.

This was my first attempt left handed working onto the back of my own right hand (which is my predominant hand)
Some of my other Henna:
Henna Hands - lotus, paisley, fun
Hand and Matching Foot
Henna for Homecoming
Henna Belly Blessing (baby shower)
Special Occasion Henna and Gilding
Classic Car Henna
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