Monday, February 2, 2009


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USAF Basic Training Graduation with the family. These are pics of me and my soon to be hubby (at the time). My mom and his parents.

This was done as an example for the Military challenge- Jan I am hosting monthly at The requirements needed were stars, stripes and ribbon. I feel as if I cheated though because I got them all done in one element.

The other challenge was the Jan scrap lift where I lifted user name on Bobecca77's LO "Party".

The is a simple yet beautiful way tou scrapbook. However I used to scrap this way it is now a challenge for me to achieve a simple elegance like this. Just for the record my hubby wanted more "fanciness"... thought it was funny. I said it was a "challenge" and I needed to challenge myself to have some control to make it simple. I have a tendency to over do things.

The Flag ribbon is 4.5" wide and each of the photos was outlined in the silver Zig Painty. The silver stars are confetti and the letters are made of a silver card stock. Though there is a sentimental attachment to the stencil the letters were traced from...

When I was back home over the Christmas holiday I spent some time at my Grandparents house. This was a visit that was hard for me. I hope this is not the case but my Grandfather is not doing well and that possibly might have been the last time I will see him. While I was helping arround the house I stumbled across these letter stincils that my grandmother has been keeping for ages. I used to play with them when I was a child. I used to live in there house with my mother when our times were hard. It might sound silly but when I see or use these thin blue sheets of plastic I remember fried chicken dinners. Hambugers with homade sweet pickles and homade icecream with the oldfashon salt machiene. I also remember my dear departed Uncle Lee who was much older then I but had down syndrome and was many times my playmate and my drawing companion. May he rest in peace and may his angel wings let him fly as high and as free as he ever dreamed.

Godbless and Thanks for Looking!

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  1. Congrats on the AF graduation. I should join your challenge at! I live on an Army base in Japan. I'll look for something to photograph while I'm out and about today.
    I can't believe no one is looking at your pretty blog! I've got the same problem with mine, though.


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