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Harry Potter Party, Ollivanders Wand Craft Tutorial - Harry Potter Post #2

Good morning everyone,

Our home is in full swing for our Harry. Potter Party! My Piano room is now a bank, candy store and wand shop, it's a mini Diagon Alley! Speaking of Ollivanders Wands... that is exactly what I want to share with you today.

The Birthday Boy's Wand (details Painted designed by him but I did the hot glue, Safety First!)
The Alder Wand (in gold)
 My Daughters Wand - (she painted it like the kids will paint their own at the party)

I think any one of these wands would be perfect to conjure up a Patronus or a Stupefy spell. 

I researched several wands and how to create some great looking ones on Pinterest. I settled on two styles to choose from. One was so inexpensive. It took rolling a piece of paper really tight and filling it with hot glue, yup just a piece of printer paper. Though it was cheep, the second option is what I went with I found HERE. It was cheep too and only cost a few cents more per wand. I went with the option I will explain below because it saved me so much time not to have to make each wand base completely from scratch. I also felt these would be more sturdier then the previous base I explained. The only thing I didn't like is that I could shape the ones previously mentioned before into how thin or thick I wanted. So here goes the tutorial.

Step 1 - Choose your dowel rods - I found this pack of 8 pre-cut at walmart for $0.97 a pack! Excellent... no cutting even!  If I cut them myself I could have gotten 9 for around the same price... but I am all about time. Not only am I getting ready for the biggest birthday party I have ever thrown but my sister's wedding is also two weeks after the party. You better believe I have bunches of projects to do for it too.

 Step 2 - Using a hot glue gun (I prefer hi-temp for maximum sticking power on wood... but you must be careful! Use low-temp if you feel more comfortable) create designs for a handle and other parts of the wand. We created 32 (and 24 more later) and not a single one is alike!

Step 3 - Paint with normal acrylic craft paint - (we just pre-painted the base coats for the party. The kids will choose a wand and detail paint it and add gems if they wish.)

We have about 6-8  base colors to paint with. This gives the kids some choices.

I really love the antique golds but I am happiest with these... All the wands painted black have snake designs from the glue. Possible "Slytherin" wands I hope, but ultimately the kids choose, or does the wand choose them?

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Leave me a comment below if you liked this post or if it inspired you to make some of your own. I would love to here from you. Thanks!

Please leave a comment below if you enjoyed this project! Thank your for reading my ramblings.

Leave a comment below about what you liked or are looking forward to see in the video... I will try to answer your questions in the video or show you what you wanted to see.

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  1. LOVE this idea! Simple and the kids will love it. I have 15 11 year old boys coming in two days. This will be great. Thanks!

  2. Love your idea. I am not the creative type and love to use other peoples ideas. I am throwing a huge Harry Potter party for my daughter in November and am going to start making some of the items over the next few months. Today we are going to start with the wands.

    Thanks !!!

  3. I wish we had a hot glue gun!

  4. I love the idea! But are there any alternatives for the hot glue? We ran out and there isn't a store for miles! Thanks hoped the kids enjoyed the party!


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