Thursday, August 7, 2014

Darkside Henna - Darth Vader Style

I had a fantastic customer. She was a sweet little girl with a love for Starwars, specifically Darth Vader. This project was so much fun to do, outside of my normal henna "box" of designs. The design of the iconic Imperial Forces leader was created on her forearm as if he was using the force reaching out with his hands.

 She choose a design from a deviant artist that goes by: PhillieCheesie

 Stain Progression:

(Client photos)
24 hrs after application
48 hrs after application

I love it when the client walks away so happy the smile won't leave there face. This was a great day for henna and my heart.

"Come to the Darkside... we have cookies!"

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DT Coordinator at Party Time Tuesday

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