Sunday, November 23, 2008



Yes this is a major problem of mine. I guess I am typing this blog for the first time to kick my little behind into gear and get working on my Christmas cards. I have the design in my head I even have the photos of my son done. So here it is... a public recount of my to do list and when it gets done... pretty embarrassing! However knowing how I am and have been in years past... I think I deserve it.


  1. Take Photo's of my Daughter, my son's are done as seen here... before any editing is made to it.
  2. Put design down on paper and do any research needed
  3. Create Design Model
  4. Assemble
    • Cut out boarders
    • Print vellum inserts
    • Assemble the frame onto the vellum
    • Emboss design
    • Add embellishments
    • Insert Photos
    • Add Yearly CD slide show
  5. Accent Envelope
  6. Print Addresses on envelope
  7. Stuff Cards and seal
  8. Add postage and mail

LOL does not seem like too much... *sigh*... knowing me it will have more details as I put my design to paper...
... yes because as my hubby says, I am crazy!

Okay here is what I am going to do... I will put the date each step is completed so I can try to hold myself accountable and get this stuff done this week. Lately I have been scrapbooking more and more, and geting beautiful pages done but I think I am doing this to avioid this project. Bad, papercrafter, BAD! Got to get this stuff done this week... OMG IT IS THANKSGIVING ALREADY THIS WEEK... and I have got to get this done... errr... started...*sigh* again!

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