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Fabric Flowers for a Special Wedding using Helmar Glue

Good Morning all, L. Grace Lauer here!

Make Fabric and Paper Flowers Tutorial Header image

A wonderful wedding projects for my baby sis' wedding day, "Congrats to Sheay and Tom" I am so happy for you both from the bottom of my heart.

The tutorial on how to make flowers from polyester fabric with Helmar glue is located on my blog post on the Helmar blog, called:

"Love is in the Air, Helmar helps make fabric and paper flowers for a Wedding"

WARNING! Lots of photos!... tea, coffee and a snack may be required to survive through this post... LOL!

Hair piece #1 - Bridal flower (this one is made from the remnants of her dress when she got it altered) for more info on how to make this see my blog post on the Helmar Blog)

Bridal Flower Hair Piece Helmar Sheay Cono

Stop looking at the cute couple (hi Sheay and Tom) look at the beautiful flower in her hair! (This photo is courtesy of Sarah Christine Photography in Fort Collins, CO, I highly recommend her!) I know you all are looking at them, it's okay, isn't my baby sister beautiful? From head to....

Sheay and Top with flower in her hair

Bridal Shoe Accessories: The flowers attached with safety pins (so they could be removed for her to be able to ware these shoes after the wedding) to these sweet comfortable Tom's brand wedge heals. (This photo is courtesy of Sarah Christine Photography in Fort Collins, CO) for more info on how to make this see my blog post on the Helmar Blog)

Sheays shoes

Flower Girl Accessories! Hair pieces #2 and #3 -  This is a photo of my daughter's hair piece. I had so much fun working on all the flower girl's items... my mom was even there to help!  We made everything from their hair to their belts to their flowered poms have Helmar all over it! Here is my precious little daughter and her hair piece. (This photo is courtesy of Sarah Christine Photography in Fort Collins, CO)

Trinity Hair piece Helmar

Their poms on the other hand withstood some friendly battles with the Ring Bearer the poms had no mishaps and stuck together like all my Helmar projects do. (This photo is courtesy of Sarah Christine Photography in Fort Collins, CO)

Flower Girl poms wedding walk

The Ring Bearer Boutonniere - The flower is nothing but card stock! (For more info on how to make this see my blog post on the Helmar Blog)

Ring Bearer boutineer paper flowers Helmar wedding 
Matron of Honor and Mother of the bride hair flowers - Now since I was the Matron of honor at this wedding I did not get photos of my hair but these were the hair pieces I had the stylist twist into my side fishtail french braid. (This photo was taken prior to the gluing process on the burned flowers...) the pearls are Swarovski Pearls from Art

Mini fabric Flowers in progress bridal wedding hair

Here are three of these little guys clustered in the Mother of the Bride's Hair. (For more info on how to make this see my blog post on the Helmar Blog)

Kerri and her hair

Well that's all folks! I hope you were able to finish your beverage and snack in time. I hope you all have a Happy Helmar Day and please leave a comment below! Thank you for your time!
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

$4,500 worth of prizes 45 Winners... say WHAT? Charity Wings CHA Giveaway!

Hell everyone!

I have to take a moment and plug this Charity. I am making a Crafty Dress for Elena to ware during some of these interview. SO much fun!!!!

Ahh... so relaxing, working on a project at 1 am the night before shipping it... relaxing? WHAT... tired, stressed and happy this stuff is "Quick Dry"! Helmar 450 Rocks!

Tickets are $10 for 1 or $20 for 5... great deal with excellent chances to win!!!!

Take advantage of this opportunity and help out a good cause. WOW so many amazing  prizes!!!

July 17 & 18th, 2012
10am - 6pm daily Chicago time
  • 45 LIVE online Manufacturer and Designer Interviews
  • Interactive Chat
  • 45 Giveaways each with a minimum $100 value
  • Recorded footage to watch whenever you like
  • All you need is an internet connection!
What is CHA? It's a Crafter's Dream Trade Show!
Click here to see what its about.
LIVE from CHA is a Charity Wings' Fundraiser for A Place to Bark.  Buying a raffle ticket gets you an insiders look into the Craft and Hobby Association's Summer Trade Show.

Sponsors Manufacturers & Artists
La Blanche Want 2 Scrap
Westcott Graphic 45 La Blanche Want 2 Scrap
Little Yellow Bicycle Prima Jenni Bowlin Glitz Girls
Webster's Pages Jillibean Soup Blossom Bucket Beadalon
Paper Wiz Spellbinders FloraCraft iLovetoCreate
May Arts Tim Holtz
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L® Shoe Attitude
Crafters Companion Plaid Helmar Sissix

Ranger Ink GCD Studios

Lisa Rojas Ann Butler Suzi Blu Jillian Vance
Cathy Nolan Marisa Pawelko Lindsay Obermeyer Angela Magnuson
Jenni Bowlin Claudine Hellmuth Jennifer Priest Nathalie Kalbach
Cheryl Boglioli Cindi Bisson Candy Rosenberg Julianna C. Hudgins
Brenda Pinnick Ken Oliver Kendra Wiggins Lisa Rojas
Eilleen Hull Candice Windham Kathy Cano-Marillo Lisa Pace
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Wendy Vecchi Donna Salazar Pattie Wilkinson


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beautifully organize your coat closet - Decorating on a Dollar

Good day everyone!

Beautifully organize your coat closet by adding some designer scrapbook paper, boxes and tags. To see my step by step tutorial please go to my Helmar Post on the Helmar Blog called:

A Happy Helmar House - Coat Closet Storage made beautiful

Helmar Covers plastic boxs with DCWV papers and pinwheel decor blog titile

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New page of cakes and cupcakes

Hello everyone,

How are you all today? I wanted to make a quick note about a new page up above this post called "Cakes and Cupcakes". I had a reader contact me about other cupcake and cake creations I had made and since there was no great way to search for them I decided to make a master list. As I make new cakes or cupcake creations I will add posts and link them with a photo to this page for a master list of yummy goodness. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks!

Fallow my blog for all updates for cakes, cupcakes, paper crafting, costumes and couture, home decor, party and event styling.

Thanks for your time.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Golden Snitch Cake - Harry Potter Birthday Party Post #11

Hello readers,

The Golden Snitch is a significant item in the Harry Potter story line, so it didn't surprise me when my son picked it for his birthday cake... posing some initial problems since he wanted it 3D. I thought of making cake pops with modeling chocolate (one of my favorite things to use when decorating cakes) wings or cupcakes even. The reasoning behind his choice for it? Fun Fact: Well for Harry Potters 17th birthday Mrs. Wheasley mad him a golden snitch cake.

I baked up two 1/2 ball cakes in the Wilton Soccer Ball cake pan. I then like to freeze my cakes so I can ice them easier later.

I dirty iced the cake and added the filling to put it together into a ball. The coldness of the cake helps the dirty icing get hard and cool making it easier for the outer layer to go on smoothly.

My family is not a fan of fondant so I chose to do this in butter cream frosting using Wilton's Golden Yellow Icing Color.  Go, Kitchen Aid go!

I inserted the wings... using scrapbooking wire and velum to make them. I took a photo of the wings and printed each wing large enough to cover two pages of velum. After printing them I cut them out and adhered them with Helmar V2 Velum Spray to make one long wing. I did this for the other side as well. Poking holes along the tops of he wings allowed me to weave the wire through the velum to support it.

I inserted two straws into the cake for the wire to go into (like a casing), to keep the non food grade wire from touching the cake. I then finished off the holes with some more butter cream.

After smoothing out the icing and pipping the details and shadowing (the shadows is a black gel from Wilton applied with a paint brush).

Then dusting the entire cake and wings with Wilton's Color Mist in Gold. (sorry for the bad photo I had to take it in the middle of the night with my cell phone... batteries died in my camera... LOL!)

Here is the end result! A Golden Snitch Cake with a wing span of 4.5 Feet (you can see in the first photo at the top of this post the cake in relation to those large JUMBO barrels of Cheese puffs and me standing behind it)!!!! I am really pleased with how it turned out. Do you like to decorate cakes? If so I would love for you to leave a link in a comment below. I always love to admire other's work. 

Every year we have two birthday parties at our house in one day. The Owlery Cupcakes were for my son's birthday party and this one was for the Hubby's BBQ that always happens after.


Fallow this blog and leave a comment below. If you want please feel free to share this post or link to it, let me know and I will check in and make a comment or link yours to mine too! Have a great day!

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