Monday, May 16, 2011

Lego Star Wars Party

 I love planning birthday parties and since I started using Helmar when creating my party projects I save time and money! This year my son has chosen a Lego Star Wars theme. That was a great choice but I could not find the party supplies anywhere local and all the major online suppliers were out of stock of several items. So I decided to make all the party supplies. This was the perfect time for Helmar to prove itself once again at making my life a bit easier.

EDIT: To see the 3D light saber invitations please see this link HERE

I put on a spread of goodies for the little fingers to snack on. Here was the Menu:
  • Wookiee Cookies - (my chocolate chip cookies)
  • Chocolate covered Lightsabers - (These are pretzel rods coated in candy melts with a 1" foil wrapper around one end)
  • Tatooine Treats - (Rice Krispie Treats balled up to look like a desert planet)
  • Strarfigter Crisps - (Doritos)
  • Corn Gornts - (Finger sized Corn dogs)
  • Naboo Nibblets - Fruit and veggie tray

  • Yoda Soda - (7up and lime sherbert punch)

I like to give the kids options with their goodie bags so I usually place the choices on a table and have them fill their bags with one gift as they complete a game. Everyone wins!

This year my son chose cupcakes instead of a big cake and I was more then happy to oblige. I decided to make some personalized ones. Here is how...
Step 1: Print out your cupcake topper design (1" or slightly less in size) and punch them out with a circle punch.
Punching out the printables
Step 2: Punch our or use your circut to cut the background cardstock circles at 1 1/4"
Step 3: Drop a spot of Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive on the background cardstock sticking the tip of a toothpick into the drop. Rub it around a bit to cover the middle of the cardstock circle. Adhere the punched printed design. Here you can see I am about to glue on the Yoda circle.
Asembeling the printables copy
Step 4: Let dry! Which takes less then a min! Here you can see the six designs I made.

Completed cupcake toppers
Step 5: Insert the cupcake toppers into the tops of your decorated cupcakes! Enjoy!!!
Cupcakes done
Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive also helped in other projects. I did not get photos of making them though... the project was so easy and Helmar was so great to work with that the kids completed the project. Here is where we really saved money!If you have ever looked at the price of party backdrops they can range from $15 -$25. I only paid $1.25!
Here is a closeup.
Backdrop closeup
And here are more photos of the things I did for his party
I hope you have gotten some ideas on how to make your next party special. Don't forget to make it easier with Helmar!

INVITATIONS: To see the fantastically fun birthday light saber invitations. Check out my post "May the force be with you"

Happy scrapping!
~ Grace ~