Saturday, January 22, 2011

The post party bliss... a fashionista pink and black party

It feels so good to cuddle up with the hubby after the party festivities are all done and just enjoy the memories from the day. Watch a little TV and pass out on the couch with a smile of satisfaction on my face.

I love throwing a good party. From the first impression of the invitations to the last memory of the kids taking home the goody bags. Everything in between especially the cake!

This will be a long post about my Darling Daughters Birthday party... so if you love to hear about the process I go through then grab a cup of tea or coffee and fallow along with me. There will be ton of visuals so it might not be as long as it seems... hehe.

It all starts about a month before the party when it takes me about a week to get my kids to decide on a party theme. Then another week to design ad make the invitations to match the party supplies they have picked out. Trinity went with a Fashionista theme. Here are the supplies.

So from this what better way to say fashion then making some purse invitations?

When ever their birthday falls on a schooldays I also make cupcakes for the kids to take to class. These were fun using the ribbons around the black paper wrappers.

From there I have about a week where I am decorating the goody bags and making the decor for the party, planning games and finding screaming deals on the prizes. This year I made a few wall decorations a manikin bodice, some perfume bottles, a shoe and a chandelier. My favorite was the chandelier... probably because I glitzed it out with some glitter and it was 3D!!!

And the goody bags were designed so the girls could put their names on them when they walked in to the party. There was only a few stickers and a lip gloss in each one. As they did a craft or played a game they each got a prize. The prizes were necklaces, bracelets, or rings from Clair's. Don't worry I got a great deal on them all, 10 for $10 and some were even less when I got sets for a $1 and I broke up the sets into more then one gift, Christmas clearance helped also. HEHE.

Now I am down to the week of and the days before. At this point I am seriously designing the cake and getting all the supplies for it and balloons and streamers.

I new the cake had to be pink and black but I was stumped on the ideas for it. I had the opportunity to speak with the Mother of a friend of mine, who by chance decorates cakes for a living. She drew up a sketch of her ideas and I just loved it. She turned me on to a recipe for Modeling Chocolate and WOW... no yucky fondant needed!

I baked the cake and froze it two days before the party and spent the day before icing it and creating the elements for it. I also baked over 60 mini cupcakes and decorated them as well. That night I cleaned a bit and again the next morning too. Then an hour before the party I put all the pieces on the cake and set out all the food and made the punch.

There are so many little details I that I put on here. I just love doing that. Here on the front I recreated the TL logo out of black modeling chocolate and then sprinkled it with black sugar crystals to mimic the glitter on on the front of the purse.

Here is a pic of the back side and if you look closely you can see there is a clasp for the pearl necklace and a flower behind the purse.

The other detail I love are the little pearl candies all over. There are pink and cream ones in several places.

We had 14 girls attend (over twice the amount we ever have) I guess that is due to her being in school this year vs. just friends of the families. The girls showed up and we had a movie on in the background to help them have something to occupy their minds while we switched from one craft/game to the other. We made bracelets, decorated necklaces, Designed and colored fashion outfits, they all got nail stickers put on, we played a game of limbo, broke a bottle of nail polish... J/K it was a pinata shaped like a nail polish bottle. Ate cake and ice cream, opened presents and added bling strings to the girl's hair. Whew!!! What a party it was and we all had such a blast. Thanks to the few Moms that stayed and offered to help, it went off without a hitch... and the hubby was off the hook helping make jewelry and do nails... LOL.

Over all the party was a hit and I even heard some of the girls say that this was the "best party ever", "I am having so much fun" and "this is the best day of my life"... hehe. I loved that last one, mostly because it wasn't my daughter that said it and it was just one of her guests.

Trinity had a wonderful time and was so thrilled that everyone came. She was enjoying being little miss popular.

Happy Birthday to my darling daughter, Trinity! I can't believe she is six already!

I hope you enjoyed seeing into my crazy and creative mind. Have a wonderful weekend. Oh and if you have any birthday posts, please feel free to share... my son's is coming up in May and he is already set on a Star Wars theme. Hehe.

~ Grace ~

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Monday, January 17, 2011

My Mom

My Mom started me scrapbooking when I was just in Highschool. She has been there for me year after year. Mom's are like that ya know. Anyway, due to being married to a Military man I have found myself living far from her company. I created this layout because she has been on my mind so much lately. This one's for you Mom. I love you and hope I can be there for you anytime you need me.

It is simple as one to three to make your titles sparkle. P K glitz makes it that way.

Step 1) Cut your letters out of Sticky Paper, you can do this by hand or with a machine.

Step 2) Peel backing off and sprinkle with some P K Glitter Glitz.

Step 3) Adhere to your layout or card.

Simple isn't it?

To make the layout or card complete throw some glitter on an object or two some where else on the layout. On this one I glitzed up a die-cut butterfly.

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Happy Scrapping!
~ Grace ~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

100 Followers!!! - Time for a giveaway!

Okay, so this snuck up on me quite quickly... though I have to admit in January I am always very distracted planning and preparing for my Darling Daughter's birthday and party. I now have 100 followers!!! Thank you to everyone who has been fallowing me so far, without you I would not be here still. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So here is what I am going to do for all of you, a giveaway!

Your name will be entered into a drawing for each thing you do below.

1) Being a follower!
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The Prize: a Cricut Cartridge!!!
You will be able to choose one of the fallowing:

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Sound good to you? Just a little thank you to you all!

Happy Scrapping!

~ Grace ~