Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween Glam, a Romantic Twist on the Traditional Holiday Decor

Good day everyone!
It has been a while for me to post and today I am very excited to share with you some of my favorite Halloween decor for this season. Halloween Glam is a romantic twist on the holiday replacing orange with reds and adding chrome type silvers. A more romantic flair on the traditional Halloween decor. Here are my Halloween Glam Projects... enjoy.

Halloween Glam Skull top hat steampunk Book end Helmar L Grace Lauer

Halloween Glam Skull Book end Helmar L Grace Lauer

One of my Skeleton Fairies. My mother in law was in town while I was crafting this window up and she helped out so much. Thank you! She actually made these wings... Fantastic aren't they!

This is just part of my display but the drunk skeletons give me a giggle.

Here I am up in the window, organizing and placing things and then showing off the fantastic colors of the parasol.

All projects were created with Helmar Adhesives.