Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why do I do this to myself.

Blah! So I have been neglecting this post but here is an update on the cards. I have some of them fully assembled and ready to be mailed tomorrow. Others are being hand delivered tomorrow night and over the holiday when we go back home so that gives me a few more days till we leave next week.

  1. Take Photo's of my Daughter
  2. Put design down on paper and do any research needed
  3. Create Design Model
  4. Assemble
    • Cut out boarders
    • Print vellum inserts
    • Assemble the frame onto the vellum
    • Stamp design
    • Cut out and Add embellishments
    • Insert Photos
    • Add Yearly CD slide show - had to nix this ran out of time.
  5. Accent Envelope
  6. Print Addresses on envelope
  7. Stuff Cards and seal
  8. Add postage and mail
Yes I am a huge procrastinator... I know bad bad. I have been working LO's instead.