Thursday, January 13, 2011

Glitter makes everything Better! Designer Purse Invitation

"Glitter makes everything Prettier, Mommy!" explained my sweet 5 year old daughter after I noticed multiple dashes of red glitter throughout the house. She had taken the glitter from her craft box (not my good PK Glitz Glitter, thank goodness) and had sprinkled it in places like the hallway, the bathroom counter, her daddy's computer keyboard, the guinea pig cage and about eight other locations in our home.

I am telling this story because yesterday was my daughters 6th birthday. Even though she got in trouble that summer day, she was right, Glitter makes everything Prettier... especially P K Glitz Glitter! I added that last part.

Here are my darling diva's birthday invitations to prove it!

There is so much P K Glitz products in these. I used the P K Glitz Sticky Paper with the cricut to make the logos, which are her initials "TL". I glittered them with Black, P K Glitter Glitz. The "Your Invited" on the front of the invitation insert was done the same way only with Silver, P K Glitter Glitz. I used the Quickie Glue Pen by Sakura over her name where it was signed at the bottom of the invitation info. I glitzed it up with some Silver, P K Glitter Glitz and POP! it went...

I used 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" P K Glitz Sticky Tape. The 1/8" was used on the silver paper buckle then glittered with Silver, P K Glitter Glitz. The 1/4" was used to adhere the pieces together all around the purse. The 1/2" Sticky Tape was used to adhere the thick black satin ribbon around the top of the purse. This product, and the multiple sizes it comes in, made this project so easy to assemble since I made 20 of them for her to hand out.

See, Glitter does make everything prettier!

~ Grace ~