Saturday, May 2, 2009

Iron Man - Invites

Hello everyone! Happy National Scrapbook Day. I had to take time to day to post something for such an event. Though I will not be scrapbooking today.
I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, I am! Tonight we are celebrating my Hubby's Birthday with just us family. Next weekend is my son's Birthday and I finished these invites a couple of days ago. I just had to share them with you all. My son choose Iron Man as his theme this year. He will be turning 7 years old already. I can't believe it! I love to entertain so this is just the start of a crazy whirl wind of a week we have planed.
These invites I created with just a paper piecing technique and some basic applications of Tim Holtz Alcohol inks. They look pretty simple because they are modeled after the comic book character. I took the picture of the Iron Man mask that we ordered from the party supply store. I printed it out at the size of 4.25 wide and 5.5 high. This allowed me to use the standard size card envelopes. I took the picture of the mask and printed it 3 times. Cut out all the different pieces to the mask (that would all be cut out separately and then layered) this gave me a templates for the base of the card the top of the head, the jaw, the face and the eyes. I used 11 pieces of paper total for each of the invites. You cant see several of them in this pic but if you check out the picture of it opened you will see a few more of the layers. It is completely finished on the back with a black cardstock.
I used regular adhesive tape runner and pop dots. With some key scoring and folding it created a slight 3-D look on the top of the face. I used the Pilot gold ink pen to create the thicker gold lines. Highlighted or rather low lighted the face in key places to make shadows for more of a dimensional look. I did this with the Tim Holtz Alcohol inks. I found a font on the computer that matched the Iron Man movie title font and created the text in a word document. Printed that out on cardstock and added it inside the layers of paper. You pull the jaw down and the information slides out like a hidden message. It is so cool and really easy I cant believe how easy it was to create this interactive effect.
After creating 28 of these I feel like I can do just about anything. I thought because of the simple look to the character it would be easy.... ummm... easy yes but really tedious. Each of the eleven pieces had to be hand cut and then five of them had to be hand shaded.
The envelopes I just added a graphics I found online, of the Arc Reactor and the movie title, on the front and used the same font to put "Your Invited" also on the front of the envelope. My son was so cute running around handing them out. He cracks me up. I hope you enjoy this. I go nuts during the kids' birthdays so you will probably see another post about this event.

I have a question for you all... Do any of you as paper crafters make your own invitations and/or party favors?

Have a great weekend.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

CCAF Graduation

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I have to admit that this past week I have been feeling quite uninspired. I wish this was not the case. I usually just push though this and in a week or so it all comes back to me. So this week I worked on a wonderful sketch from Liz over at The Scrappiest Blog. For some reason I can always work with her sketches.
This is a layout of my Hubby's Community College of the Air Force graduations ceremony. He completed all the courses they offered gaining a degree from this wonderful program. He is no only a few classes away from completing his Bachelors Degree through the University of Colorado. I was in my last term of pregnancy with my youngest child during this point. His Parents and my Mother also attended the event. We all enjoyed it together, all of us so proud of his accomplishment.
There is not much to explain with this layout since it is more on the sweet and simple side of scrapping. So I will just leave you with this photo. Thanks so much for looking and I hope you all take a moment to head over to Liz's Sketch blog. She holds a monthly contest and has some great sketches!