Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hand Painted Holiday - Wooden Halloween Raven

I was spending some time today in a small local second hand boutique in town. In a corner of a store they had this unique wooden blackbird with wire feet. I could hear him now "squawk, take me home". I picked him up, my fingers rolled down his back and I inspected the distressing and the few flaws of a life or two lived before in someone else's care. He was simply beautiful just the way he was, sleek and simple. But, I felt something missing if he was to fit into my home. He needed a fresh start, a start with a new look and a makeover idea popped into my head.

With the fantastic VOC free, Non-Toxic paints I have been using lately I thought it would be fun to put some in an empty henna cone and use the fine tip to draw with the chalk paint, Alamo White from Shabby Paints. This sweet and simple black bird was transformed into Wolfrum the Raven overnight.

Wolfrum now sports some fantastic detailing from his head to his tail feathers.

A simple heart on this tail feathers states he will be adored every Halloween as he makes his aperance in our home for the season.

Thank you so much for reading and viewing this post. Please leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts on this project.