Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jack Skellington Handmade Costume - Nightmare Before Christmas Movie

Our Jack Skellington Halloween Costume was created for my son with a puppeteering design style. Jack's head is a bobble head adding life to his glare (see video), his neck is connected to a helmet so it turns left and right with my son's head. I hope you enjoy this post. We have so much fun making all our costumes DIY for Halloween.

Handmade Jack Skellington Costume 

Jack The Pumpkin King Costume Video 

Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas and all though the house, 
Bits and pieces of Jack laid all strewn about.

His clothing was sewn by a seamstress with care,
In hopes that children would soon be aware.

Jack Skellinton is alive and moving about,
Don't be afraid, don't scream, don't shout.

It's Tristan under there like a shadow he sneaks,
Transformed from 4' to 6' trick-or-treating he creeps.

Jack's head a bobbling from left to right,
A life sized, moving Jack Skellington, oh, what a fright.

His hands are pose-able with fingers of cold, cold clay,
His arms move like puppets, right to left they sway.

Knees bending and feet walking along with Tristan's strides,
Jack the Pumpkin King no longer hides.

Now Jack sits and guards the remainder of the Halloween Candy. He may just stay around for Christmas.

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts. I hope you enjoyed this costume, video and post.


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