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Honeydukes Candy Display - Harry Potter Party Post #5

Hello fellow crafters, DIYers and Harry Potter enthusiasts!

Honeydukes is one of the candy stores in the Harry Potter series. We decided to have a candy store instead of a pinata and all the chaos that comes with it. HOWEVER, with almost 40 kids waiting to "buy" their treats the chaos showed up anyway... LOL! I am still posting these photos, I know it's been a couple of weeks since the party... okay three weeks. I have been so busy! I promise I won't leave anything out and after this I will have wedding posts to compete so stay tuned! At the end of this post there is a list of other Harry Potter Posts of rooms and projects created for this party.

The Honeydukes sign letters were cut out of green cardstock on the cricut, glued on with Helmar Acid Free Glue and then highlighted with a pearl puff paint. The background was pink Cardstock with pink distressing. The green Moldings for the windows were pieces of Green cardstock that the letters were cut out of for the sign. I glued them in longer lengths and used Scotch removable double sided tape to adhere it to the cabinet.

 The Menu:

Acid Pops (link for recipe below)
Bertie & Botts Every Flavored Beans (Jelly Belly)
Ice Mice (gummy mice)
Creamy Caramel Charms (caramel candy)
Dragon Fluff Eggs (large marshmallow Easter egg candys)
Flaming Breath Disks (Cinnamon Disks)
Bite Sized Basilisks (gummy worms)
Better Butter Nut Bars (A peanut hard candy)
Gringotts Coins (chocolate coins)
Marshmallow Poles
Smarties (makes you magically brilliant ya know)
Lemon Pucks (a lemon disk that was sugar free for some kids)
Rooted Beer Barrels (root beer barrels)
Licorice Wands (black licorice would be best... but the kids like red better)
Buttered Beer Disks (Butterscotch disks)
Chocolate Frogs (made myself with a mold and printed the boxes)
Unicorn Horns (twisted lolly pops from oriental trading co.)
Pixie Sticks
Jaw Buster Bombs (jaw breakers)
Mad Eye Moody Pops (Halloween candy found this time of year at Oriental Trading Co.)
No Melt Ice cream (bubbles shaped like ice cream)
Bitter Blood Balls (sour cherry balls)
Wormtail Teeth (Peter Pettigrew's name as a rat, these teeth were 
gummy rabbit teeth from Oriental Trading Co.)
Swirly Sticks (Old Fashioned twisted candy sticks)

We had so much candy, 24 different types, we could not display it all in the cabinet so we added an extra display.

Mad Eye Moody Pops were added to the menu to represent this character at our party. These were found at Oriental Trading Company.

Acid Pops were egg shaped Tootsie Pops on clearance from Easter. We dipped them in honey and rolled them in Pop Rocks! This was a great way for my little ones to help with the projects. The idea was found at the Pastry Affair blog.

Ice Mice were also available (direct from the books) these beauties I randomly found at the $1 store in the end of April! Needless to say they added a great discussion piece to the display but we had a ton of them left over. LOL!

No Melt Ice Cream posed the biggest challenge (mentioned in the movies) then at the $1 store I stumbled across summer ice cream bubble containers... I knew then!!! This was perfect for it.

Making chocolate frogs I found the mold on Amazon.

I hand cut 50 Bertie & Botts every flavor beans boxes with an exacto knife . I used Helmar  Acid Free glue to adhere these shut. Quick and easy... well at least the gluing part was. I used Helmar 450 Quick Dry to adhere the flags together and glue the tops of the boxes closed.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and idea post for a Harry Potter Hogwarts Party. I hope you received some inspiration. Have a wonderful day.

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