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Prisoner of Azkaban "Wanted Poster" Photo Booth Tutorial for Harry Potter Party Post #8

Hello all you Prisoners of Azkaban,

Today I am going to share with you a bit more of the Harry Potter Party. I think I would not have broken it all down into so many post if this was not a DIY Crafty blog. LOL!

Some, ferocious dog I have... he is a Wizard in Disguise... LOL! This is a DIY post on how to make your own Harry Potter Wanted Poster Photo Booth. Using my Cricut and Helmar Acid Free Glue!

Cricut and the Pantin School Book Cartridge (or anything similar)
Helmar Acid Free Glue
1 - foam core board
1 - fine tip and one large black Sharpie
1 - printed graphic of the black box with small white text (I grabbed this from a larger image of Serious Black's wanted poster online)

Here is your step by step instructions:

Step 1: Print the black rectangle with white text from the Serious Black Poster image. Cut it out.

Step 2: Cut a large square out of the foam core board leaving about a 3" boarder along the left and right sides.

Step 3: Use your Sharpie to draw a 1" black border around the opening.

Step 4: Cut out letters on your cricut. The top title ones are about 3" and the small letters on the bottom in black are 1".

Step 5: GENTLY remove the letters from your mat and be extremely careful with the negative space around the smaller 1" letters. You can throw away the smaller letters but keep the negative space outline to use as a template for the small letter.

Step 6: Adhere the Larger Cricut letters to the board using Helmar Acid Free Glue center the letters on each line.

Step 7: Adhere the black rectangle with white lettering with Helmar Acid Free Glue to the bottom of the poster, just under the outlined opening.

Step 8: Use your negative space letter outline from your small Cricut letters and trace them onto the board using your fine tip Sharpie.

I taped up the back of the poster along a floor lamp so it would swing back, due to the tight nook space I used for this photo booth. I draped some fabric from the remnant section of my fabric store and some Halloween black gauze I got at the $1 store last fall.  This sets up the background to the photos too. Propped a stool behind it for the kids to sit on and boom! Photo Booth! See some of the results below.

The next two are my kiddos Trinity and Tristan (the birthday boy)

 I would have to say that this one is my favorite here.
A true Harry Potter fan!

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  1. That is a cute craft idea! I am going to try it!

  2. I love this! I'm going to pin this to my board for this year's Harry Potter Party. Thanks!


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