Monday, June 1, 2009

I have been busy!

I have not forgotten you all my life just has exploded lately. Busy, busy, busy me. So I have focused my creativity elsewhere this week and surprisingly enjoyed a week off from scrapping... WAIT DON"T LEAVE!!!! Now before you leave my blog because I said words that you can't imagine would com from my mouth... my projects are scrap related.

First off, I have to let you all know how honored that Scrapbook News and Review let me design the front cover to the May 2009 issue. I had such a blast working on this that I asked if I can do it again next month. So I spent hours in Microsoft word designing this front cover. I am really happy with it and even more impressed with myself for using a word processing program to put it together instead of a graphic one.
The artwork on the front cover is by two of our talented staff members, Irene Tan and Pamela Maas and the sketch is by Debbie Gaydos.

The other projects I have been working on is a photography challenge I am a part of. I have decided to practice and hone my photography skills by joining this challenge and working on it every week. The camera is probably the most important tool of a scrapbooker. Think about it. The camera is where our craft begins. Am I right?

This past week's assignment was to take a self portrait. here are a few of the ones I shot of myself. Got to love that ten second timer option on my camera. LOL. I can only imagine what the people on Main St. thought of me the other day. I was running back and forth between my lamp post and my car, where the camera was propped up on the open window sill of the passenger door. I need a tripod!

Three of these are the original shots and the last one has been edited due to the color in the third.

My question for you is how well do you know your camera? Have you tried to take self portraits?

Thanks for looking.


  1. Congrats on the design of the magazine did a great job and I just adore your self portraits!!!!! You are STUNNING!!!! I would love to try a self portrait, but everytime I try it never works out!!!!! I need to google it and see what I come up with. Maybe there will be some suggestions that I have not tried!!!! Have a beautiful week, sweet friend!!!!

  2. Great job on the cover!!! And I love your pics, you're so pretty! I've only ever taken the whole "arm way out" type of self portrait. lol I need to find the timer on my camera!

  3. Hi Grace! You are SOOOOO talented. Love the SNR cover! And you are so right about the photos being the base of our work. Your photos are great.

  4. Wow Grace, you did such an amazing job on the cover of SNR. I also love your self portraits, your photo shoot looked like you were having fun. Aren't self timers great?? I use mine all the time for that perfect shot.

  5. Wonderful job on the cover, Grace. As for self-portraits, I mostly take the arms-lenght version. I have used my timer from time to time. Several months ago I got a nifty new camera and I've been slowly get acquainted with it. At the end of this month I will be taking a photography class, so I plan to make my camera my new best friend. lol! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Keep on clickin'!

  6. congrats on the cover! it's beautiful and so are you! the self-portraits are amazing!!! i don't really do those because i don't like being in photos...i usually look awful! LOL!

  7. Hi Grace! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm kinda new to blogging and haven't had too many visitors leave comments yet!

    Your work is beautiful! I am in SNR for May and it is a great honor!!


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