Monday, August 10, 2009

Grace's Scrap Attic has a new look!

Good Monday morning everyone! I have been working on a new look around here at my scrap attic. Do you like it? I have lots of artists to credit to all the different elements in this design. I will grab them later today. Right now I need sleep . LOL. I have been up designing and tweaking this new look.

Can you all do me a favor and let me know if you only see the title "Grace's Scrap Attic" or the title "Grace's Scrap Attic, Thank you for sharing my journey though life. Look closely... you might find a treasure or two." I had some issues with the Header tonight. That would be a huge help. It has to do with your browser... please also let me know what browser you are using. Thanks again!

Hope your Monday is full of scrappy goodness.


  1. This is so beautiful...I adore the colors and all the softeness to the Blog!!! I see a title at the Top that says Grace's Scrap Attic!!! Is that what you are looking for!!!!! Have a great day....sweet friend!!! :)

  2. Really like your new look, Grace! I see everything you mentioned.

  3. Beautiful new makeover! Please check my blog as I have nominated you for the Circle of Friends Blog Award.

  4. Wowowow, your blog looks fabulous! I see the blog title with the subtitle and I'm using Firefox.

  5. Love the new look... and the song is one of my favorites.


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