Monday, January 18, 2010

Scraproom/area Makeover Challenge Invitation

I wanted to invite you all to join me and other scrapers while we brainstorm organizational, decorative and inspiring solutions to our scraproom woes. I will be posting my projects, my struggles and my solutions as I go though setting up my new scraproom at the new house but if you want to participate with the conversation and the other girl's ideas and their solutions then you will need to go to the link and sign up.

Just a quick FYI I am hosting this years Scraproom/area makeover challenge at this forum on Please feel free to invite others to do this too and I hope to chat with you there.

Here are the rules...

"Hello everyone!

My name is Grace and I am inspired by an old scraproom challenge I participated in last year (the 28 day challenge) to organize, decorate and clean up those scrap areas. It seems there is no such challenge this year and I would like to step up and take the lead since I have a new home and my first scrap room not corner or closet to decorate and to set up.

We will begin Feb. 1st 2010 it will end when you have a more beautiful and functional space. It is just for fun and to make scrapping easier.

Who would like to join me in this project? The lvl of commitment depends on how much scrap stuff you have. Here is what I will put forth to help you along the way.

1) One weekly organizational project
2) One weekly creative project (mostly decor or alteration and others)
3) Two or Three Mini Weekday Challenges
4) Fun and inspiration with everything from room colors and decor to organization and storage options ON A BUDGET!!!
5) Encouragement to finally get things organized to make it easier to scrap!

To sign up you will need to do/answer the fallowing:

1) Name/user name
2) Type of scraping area (closet, corner, room etc.)
3) Your biggest problem area that is hard to keep organized
4) The link to your new album to keep your pics in (create a new album in your gallery to upload all of the before and after pics, ingenious ideas and problem area pics)

So come and join me in cleaning up our areas and making the scraproom a place that will inspire creativity and allow us to crop till we drop."

Here are my pictures from last years before and after...


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