Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Open Invitation - Scraproom Makeover!

Hello everyone! I thought I would open this up to the blogging world. I am hosting the third annual Scraproom Makeover Challenge. It runs for the entire month of February and it will help you get your space organized the way you want it. I will do my best to post all tips of the days and challenges right here on my blog. But if you like the format and comrodery of a fourm setting I am hosting it over at Scrapbook.com

Here are some pictures of my first year's before and afters... (I didn't host this years)

Now for last years... (I did host this so I did not quite finish due to all the time spent researching ideas and images to share)


Hanging By A Moment's Gallery: The scrapbooking room boxes... are somewhere in here!

No kidding... I had just moved and had over 9 boxes buried in that mess. Though my scraproom was not in the garage it was in this room...

Hanging By A Moment's Gallery: The Scraproom Before

Now I immediately knew that I needed color on the walls since we had finally bought out first home and now I had a scraproom all to myself! So it turned into this...

Hanging By A Moment's Gallery: View from the door...

And I don't have a final pic of the entire room but I do have several of the wonderful ways I decided to organize things...

Hanging By A Moment's Gallery: *PK GLITZ DT* Ribbon Rack Label

Scraps and Chipboard:
Hanging By A Moment's Gallery: Scrap Paper, Alpha and Chipboard storage

Adhesives on top of my desk:
Hanging By A Moment's Gallery: Adhesive basket

Fibers, Flowers and Glitter Glue:
Hanging By A Moment's Gallery: Labled Fibers, Flowers and glitter glue

Pen and tool holder on my desk:
Hanging By A Moment's Gallery: Pen Holder full

You get the picture! So come on over and join us there where you can chat with others going through the same re-organizational challenges or if you would rather fallow along here and keep me posted on how your doing! I would love to see what you come up with for your space. Remember this all starts Feb 1st.

Happy Scrapping!

~ Grace ~


  1. Grace Thanks so much for all of the time and effort you put into doing this for us...I know the bonus is you get yours done too, but it is such a help and a motivator!


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