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CHALLENGE #11 Week #3 - IT's FRIDAY PHOTOS AND FUN CHALLENGE - Photos & Memorabilia

For the full Photo and Memorabilia Challenge please see (Page 33)

SET A GOAL: Remember how we talked about setting goals for this challenge so it would be done by the end of the month? Well... share with us what your goal is... how is it going and should you re-evaluate it.

NEW FRIDAY FUN CHALLENGE: We all know that "A Scrap a day keeps the psychiatrist away" or other wise known as scrap therapy... but what about those times you really need to scrap to stay sane and you can't think of what to do or create?

Here is a little game I came up with this week (mine is not done so I can't show you photos yet) You can make a spinner for this game. Or you can make it out of some jars or like containers. You can make this anyway you want to. It is for you and what inspires you. I am going to explain my version and you come up with one that will help you get out of that creative block.

Creative Ciaos Game: (you can name it what ever you like)

I have three jars full of things to inspire me.

  • Jar #1 - Has lots pieces of paper, each with a place of inspiration for me. For example: Stampin' Up Catalog, Funny Votes, Inspirational Votes, Favorites, Scrappiest(a sketch challenge blog I like) Sketches, etc... These are all places I get inspired from when I look through what is in them. Notice, I used the voting and favorites from right here on I vote a lot and have pages of projects I like. If you save your articles from your mags and make a binder out of those articles (something we will be talking about later) ... that would be a great place of inspiration.

  • Jar #2 - Has numbers in it. Numbers 1-99. Sometimes I will draw one and sometimes I will draw to and add them together. That will be the page, project or article I draw my inspiration from when paired with the item in Jar #1 that I drew.

    For Example: If I drew Favorites from Jar 1 and #55 from Jar two I would look at the project in my Favorites and then use my 55th project in there that I had already marked as "Favorite" months ago. Scrap lift it or take some embellishment ideas from it... whatever will inspire you and get you out of the creative block.

  • Jar #3 - Colors - I have a list of the colors I use in my room... mostly ROY G BIV (the colors of the rainbow, Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-B lue-Indigo-Violet)... but I also add Black and White, Browns and Pinks.

    This will help if creating a card... though I usually draw my color inspiration from my photos if I am scrapping a page.

That's it... shake up each jar and draw out a piece of paper... look up your inspiration and get scrapping! (Don't forget to put the papers back into the containers.)

Decorate/alter the jars/containers to match your space. Create these places, numbers and colors and put them into the containers... say goodbye to creative block!

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  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHH Grace...what a great idea...I so need something to get me started!!!!

    Wishing you a great one!!! :-)


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