Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scraproom Makeover - Glitter/Glitter Glue/ Flocking/Bling and Powders

CHALLENGE #14 WEEK #4 - Glitter, Glitter Glue, Flocking, Embossing Powders, Micro Beads etc.

I am not sure if you all know but I am a glitter fanatic! LOL. To put it lightly. I have over 100 shades of glitter and embossing powders. I have almost 40 different colors of glitter glues. I am a bit obsessed about the sparkle I think ... LOL.

Shimmer Powders and Flocking - No special way you need to store these accept away from moisture but that is true for about 99% of all scrapbooking supplies. They do look pretty and can be stored nicely on display. Try finding an old, small metal cookie sheet at the local thrift store. Paint or alter it a bit and put thin magnets on the bottom of the powder containers. Hang it on the wall up above the work space. Or Stack them and store them on a shelf. Maybe even store them in a nice basket that you can keep handy.

Note: if storing in a box, basket or drawer... turn them upside down. Not for he reasons you do inks but so you can see the colors inside the jars, instead of the white/black lids.

Glitters and Glitter Glues - I LOVE glitter... there are so many options for storing regular glitter many have been mentioned above in other items. The glitter glue however works best, with the least amount of bubble explosions on your page, if you store them upside down.

Storage Options:

Tool rack, Velcro them to a clear flier display protector

Hanging under a shelf: here is what I did last year for my storage solution.

Vintage Rack:

MM Shelves (I'm drooling over her products!)

Lipstick holder

Storing your glitter jars, embossing powders and flocking in a drawer:


In pill/bead organizers


Shoebox (I would turn the glitters upside down also):

Embossing supplies - Now normally the embossing tool would be placed in with the tool category but if you want to create a mini embossing center and organize it in with your embossing supplies then I would suggest you do what works for you. I created a drawer for all my supplies and organized it all within that drawer. A Basket would work well or if you want a counter top embossing center we can discuss better ways to display these items.

Storage Solutions:
Embossing Center (really it is my color center):

Decorative Box

Other (?) - Did I miss anything? Please bring it to my attention.

REMEMBER: Always leave room for your stuff to grow!!! Especially you collectors!

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