Sunday, March 18, 2012

Black doors? Need your Opinion, please!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today is a quick post and I have been admiring for some time now black interior and exterior doors on Pinterest. I find it to be sophisticated. I need your opinion. I have a few of the doors in my home that are tall. Most are normal but these few are in the main area of my main floor. I got the wild hair in me last night... I had a brush, a can of black paint (left over from my bed make over, it's almost done and will be posted in the next few weeks I hope) and a door with sharpie all over it... so ...

I need to make this decision because I need new hardware and with white doors I was going to go with oiled bronze handle knobs and with the black doors I can go with silver (WAY cheaper even with the cost of paint factored in).

Ya... I am digging it but the Hubby needs to be convinced. Please, be aware that this is only one coat and is a high gloss so it needs another coat tomorrow. I want to do all of the doors in my home and the garage too. Am I nuts or just brave enough to pull it off? Opinions please! Hehe!

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  1. I say it is stunning!!!! The contrast is beautiful and if gives a bit of a masculine edge without taking away from the sophisticated air to it Grace. Love it!!!

  2. hmmm, why did that come up as anon??? Erika wrote that ^ lol

  3. The look good. I would like do it too.


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