Sunday, August 5, 2012

Luau Cake with Tiki totems and a Waterfall


Yes I am a firm believer in this... "but pie has delicious fruit!" you say? Cake can be filled with fantastic fruits also. See... like I sake Cake is better then pie... plus you can be extremely creative with cake too.

Last month my neighbor contacted me about making a cake for his wife's surprise Luau Tiki party, for her 50th birthday. Now I just do this for fun for my family and friends, so I was thrilled he asked me and had a chance to get creative in the kitchen again.

As I spoke with her best friend we settled on a cake that would look like this one I found online at "MoniCakes Tiki Luau Cake with Waterfall". Great inspiration for sure!

This cake is five layers high with chocolate and vanilla cake layers. The Tiki totems, waterfall and flowers are all modeling chocolate and a gel glaze has also been poured down the front of the waterfall. Brown sugar sand resembles the beach on the back, sides and second layer. I am not a fan of the taste of fondant or gum paste, so I use butter cream to ice the cakes I make and modeling chocolate.

 My favorite side of the cake... I really like my tall tiki man totem...

 The full waterfall view...

The back...

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