Saturday, February 7, 2009


Good Morning everyone. Here is my latest LO. This was inspired by ... yup you guessed it... Valentines day. This is dedicated to my Soulmate. The man I love. My mother took these photos of us in the hills of Tucson AZ. This was about 5 years ago though. I still just love the way they capture the natural emotion, that is something no studio photo can do.

Now down to the details. I will start from the back and move to the front with the explanations.
Background papers:
I started with the Medium brown as my background and distressed the edge with red ink. The red paper was actually added later when the LO was looking to brown. I cut it down to 11 1/2 inches and distressed the edge with black.
To create the bracket shape I cut my flower paper down to 11x11 inches. On the back of the paper I measured and marked the half way point at 5.5 inches on every side. I used that as my center point and free handed the shape from there around the corner and to the next mark on the next side. Rinse and repeat this three more times. Then cut. Once the shape is done I took it and set it face down on top of the black paper and traced the shape 1/4 inch larger then the floral. Took my trusty fiskars decorative scissors and cut along the line. I stickled the black edges with a red glitter and then took the Zig Painty gold pen and traced around the shape along the edge. The flower paper I distressed the edge and then inked with the red ink. The tears that naturaly happen I then rolled up to expose the black more. The large heart was freehaned out of a PP then stickeled with the red glitter and a brush. Inked with an anitque gold ink and then with a black. This helped the edge of it stand out as it was blending to much with the background.
The Title and the bingo card were printed out off the computer onto the same Cardstock that the largest bacground layer is. Then doodled on with the gold and black pens.
The Note paper was printed on a golden yellow to pull out the flowers in the pictures and then doodled on with red and black markers. Holes were punched along the side and then riped to the edge to make it look like it had come out of a note pad. Then it was distressed with cream ink and light brown chalk and edged in black ink.
The bird was a cricut shape out of black paper and then stickeled and edged in gold to match the black boarder.
The tall hearts with the box around them were off of a patterened paper I had. I used the gold pen to trace the heart with black pen accents and wrote the words. Together, Forever, You + Me
The silk flowers were stickeled in either an irridecent yellow or red and an eyelet was used to hold the layers together in the center. A few were inked red also before stickling. The flurished are a velvet cut from two colors, black and red, of ribbon I got after christmas for a dollar a roll.
I just threw this on where I felt the need.

Thanks for looking and I hope this inspired you some how or gave you some ideas. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or feel compelled. Thanks!


  1. Beautiful work as always :) The added little details always make it pop out at you.

  2. Wow , this is so pretty! It just kind of swirls around and takes your eyes with it, so that I keep finding something new as I look around. Your pages are amazing!

  3. Hi Grace!...Just stopping through to say Beautiful Blog! (Just subscribed! ;)...With that said, I'm Looking Forward To Coming Back! Thanks & Hugs!! ~Kelly

  4. Pretty LO, Gorgeous colors & extremely sweet pics!...Job Well Done All Around! TFS!



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