Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Scraproom Clean up - Challenge # 1

Hello everyone - I thought I would post this info here. I am running a challenge to organize your scrap space on and I thought I would share the challenges here. We discuss each topic and challenge there. But here is the basic challenges so you can participate and fallow along on your own if you wish. There will be 4 challenges a week focusing on different areas of the scrap rooms.

Week #1 THE DESK

Challenge #1 - Color Altering Items - Inks, pens, mists, powders, paints, embossing supplies and glitters

This is the day we sort out our colors! Any color altering items or ink.

Lets discuss and figure out what we are going to do with these items.

  • Pens - Storing Scrapbook Pens and Markers (quoted from scrapbook.lifetips .com)
"One of the most important things to remember when storing pens and markers is to store them horizontally so that the ink flows evenly. Most people may be inclined to buy containers that stand vertically, but storing them this way will make all the ink flow to one end. If the ink is at one end of the pen or marker they may not last as long or work as well. Storage drawers will allow the markers and pens to be stored horizontally. You can leave your markers in their original box and store them in a desk drawer or plastic organizer drawer.

Another suggestion is to buy a marker storage case that holds pens and markers; these cases are portable and make it easy to keep all of your coloring and writing utensils in the same place for quick access."

Once you have decided where to store them you will need to TEST every pen quickly to [u]make sure they still work[/u]. Trash the ones that don't! Make a list in your binder of ones that need to be replaced.

Sort pens by: Color or color families

Storage Solutions: Organized within a drawer, wine bottle holder, Altered Cylinder containers form the kitchen.

ZIG Pen Storage


Mason Jars

Plastic 1$ pen boxes

Acrylic cups

  • Ink pads and refills - (quoted from Scrapjazz)"Ink pads are best stored flat. Each pad is filled with liquid ink, and this ink can travel throughout the pad over time if not stored properly. For example, if you stored your ink pads vertically, over time the ink would drop to the bottom edge of the pad, and you would no longer be able to get a fully-inked image when you tried to use the full surface of your ink pad. For this same reason, it is highly recommended that you store your ink pads upside down (unless you have Stampin' Up they already are designed to do this). This will keep the ink flow at the surface of the pad, rather than allowing the ink to seep down to the bottom. This is especially important for dye-based ink pads, as this ink is thinner than some other inks and will migrate through the pad at a faster rate. Ink pads containing thicker inks, such as pigment ink, can be stored face up."

How to sort your in pads? - By color, manufacture, ink type or size

Storage solutions:

Wooden Cassette holder

Cat Eye Storage

custom built holder, store bought rotating caddies, or simply stack on a shelf (make several smaller stacks. This will make it easier to access without towers of inks toppling down when you need the bottom color.)

  • Mists - These can be stored or displayed nicely on a shelf. Putting them in a color order would make it appealing. If you have the mini misters you can store them on a counter top in the store bought holder or have your resident handy man drill some holes into a block of wood and don't forget to alter it to match your space decor.

Mini Mister holder

  • Powders - No special way you need to store these but they do look pretty and can be stored nicely. Try finding an old, small metal cookie sheet at the local thrift store. Paint or alter it a bit and put thin magnets on the bottom of the powder containers. Hang it on the wall up above the work space. Or Stack them and store them on a shelf. Maybe even store them in a nice basket that you can keep handy.

Note: if storing in a box, basket or drawer... turn them upside down. Not for he reasons you do inks but so you can see the colors inside the jars, instead of the white/black lids.

  • Glitters and Glitter Glues - I LOVE glitter... there are so many options for storing regular glitter many have been mentioned above in other items. The glitter glue however works best, with the least amount of bubble explosions on your page, if you store them upside down.

Storage Options:

Tool rack, Velcro them to a clear flier display protector

Hanging under a shelf: here is what I did last year for my storage solution.

  • Embossing supplies - Now normally the embossing tool would be placed in with the tool category but if you want to create a mini embossing center and organize it in with your embossing supplies then I would suggest you do what works for you. I created a drawer for all my supplies and organized it all within that drawer. A Basket would work well or if you want a counter top embossing center we can discuss better ways to display these items.

Storage Solutions:
Decorative Box

  • Chalks - Most of these come in good storage containers. You just need to find a drawer or a shelf to display them on.

Other (?) - Did I miss anything? Please bring it to my attention.

REMEMBER: Always leave room for your stuff to grow!!! Especially you collectors!


  1. Wow this was a great post...I knew about the ink pads...but I did not know that about the pens....oops!!! Now I am going to have to figure out a new way...

    Actually what I need to do is dump everything out of that room and do a is such a mess...but I have so many other things to do that are screaming my name....maybe someday!!!! :-)

  2. Hi Grace,
    LOVE your's so pretty. And I love your challenges. I'm in the midst of trying to "get-it-together" and I found you while browsing pics of others scrap havens on I will be checking in often! Have a great weekend~~~


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