Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Scrappiest Design Team Anouncement

Well I have to admit I am very excited to be returning to scrapbooking with a bang by being selected to join this fabulous design team over at The Scrappiest Blog:

* Arlene Camacho

* Gail Knowles

* L. Grace Lauer <---- (that's me... hehe)

* Kim Tupponce

* Kylie Symons

* Laurel Seabrook

* Pearl Liu

* Susan Bourgeois

* Lisa Hidy

Thank you Liz for allowing me to return after my hiatus this past fall. I am happy to be back and thrilled to be working with such talented ladies.


  1. Congrats to you Grace! I am excited to see more of your lovely work!

  2. Congratulations and glad you are back scrapping!

  3. glad to see you returning to your scrapping!!!

    Have a great weekend!!! :-)


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