Friday, February 11, 2011



For the full Photo and Memorabilia Challenge please see Last week's Photo Challenge Post.

SET A GOAL: Remember how we talked about setting goals for this challenge so it would be done by the end of the month? Well... share with us what your goal is... how is it going and should you re-evaluate it.

FRIDAY FUN CHALLENGE: Only use this as a reward to getting your photo goal for the day done! I have spies everywhere and I will know if you don't! LOL... j/k.

This one is about two things...

Tick-Tock, the time slips by when we are creative, do you have a clock on your wall? No, not the tiny one on the corner of the computer screen or on your phone. A clock that is visible from just about anywhere in your space? This challenge is to get a clock and alter it... or make one. I don't care. If you don't have time to alter it then please just get one for your room. Steal it out of the kitchen if you have to.

You have the choice to alter a clock or any other item this week. The catch is it has to be for your space. It could be something you will use to organize other things in, something for your wall, a sign for your room or just something pretty for your desk. You just have to find something to alter. That is the creativity challenge. But please, make sure you get a clock!

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