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Challenge#4 - Weekend - Week #1: Tools

Challenge#4 - Weekend - Week #1: Tools (This includes cutting, die and embossing machines, punches, paper trimmers, brushes, scissors, cropadials, tool kits etc.)

Please note that this and Fridays can be done anytime this weekend. I know you all have lives so if you can't do it then just print it out and go back to it later this month when you do have more time.

TOOLS AT YOUR DESK: What tools do you use 100% on every page? Exacto knife, bone folder, files, paper piercing tools, cropadial (finally totally stoked mine is the orange one and not pink cause it matches my room now...LOL), compass, adhesive eraser, bone folder, etc... These can be stored in a drawer, on a shelf or on your desk the key is to try to keep them in arms reach.



Tool Caddy:

Baskets and buckets:,3,5,3,5

Home made (for those handy with real tools):,3,5


These need table top space. If you don't store them on the table top you at least need a sheared space you can use when you bring the machine out to use it. The dies and cartridges need to be stored close at hand to the machine. If you have electrical cartridges store them in a dry, temperature controlled, dust free environment. The cricut needs storage for the tools and a place to store the mats flat as well.

Cricut: The biggest thing about this machine is that it needs room to work. Make sure you have a clearance in front and behind for the mat to go in and out.,3,5

Cartridges and books:
Space saver:,3,5,3,5

In boxes:,3,5

Machine needs a flat surface with enough room to operate it.

Dies and Embossing folders:

Cubby and shelf storage:,3,5,3,5,3,5,3,5

Thincuts container:,3,5

Cuddlebug: Similar storage to the Sizzix. Please share your ideas.


Can be stored just about any where! They are durable though they are bulky.

Towel rack or curtain rods:


Thumbtacks (Cheap and ingenious):

In a drawer:,3,5

Door hanging shoe rack:

On a shelf:,3,5

CropinStyle Punch Pall:,3,5


Paper trimmers must have a flat surface to work correctly. They can be stored else where but when operating them they need to be on a hard table top. Some paper trimmers come with decorative blades that can be switched out. These blades and extra strait edge or perforated replacement blades need a storage place out of reach of little ones.

Bind - it - all... the only thing about these for storage is to make sure you have the room to use it where you want to. It would be nice like all machines if you don't use it that often to have a cover for it or a bag to store it in, but not necessary as long as you clean it occasionally with some air in a can.

Lamination Machines - I could not find anything about home lamination Machines. I know the refill material is usually heat sensitive so I would suggest to store that in a cool place. You few that have one might want to check your product guide to see if there are any specifications.

OTHER: Did I miss anything? Lamination machines etc... does anyone have those?

Sorry this one is shorter then the last one I just typed out and lost but I am running out of time today to post this.

I hope you all have a fun weekend working on these and had time to play catch up in my tardiness of posting this challenge. :Heart:

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  1. Grace thanks so much for this. I do have all my tools organized! Woo Hoo! Will try to take pics of my embossing and cricut stuff.



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