Friday, July 1, 2011

A Penny Saved, is a Penny earned...

Hello Everyone!
A few weeks ago I posted a project where I recovered my extreme coupon binder. Today, I am showing you a project that is an extension of this one.
This is my coupon cabinet. I bought this at a garage sale for $15 can you believe it? I love this small cabinet to contain all my coupon goodies. Inside one of the doors it had a white board that had marker on it that would not come off! So I decided to recover the white board... of course!
I was so excited to use the new Maya Road Cloth Dress Form, and of course I just love the Helmar Crackle over the template, from The Crafter's Workshop, I used to make the center design. Not to mention, I was so excited to create a paper dress after seeing them at the winter CHA. I just wish this one was bigger so I could make it more detailed.

A Penny Saved
Here is the before of the cabinet...
Coupon Cabinet BEFORE
I took off the stickers with the Helmar Adhesive Remover (test this in a hidden area to make sure it is good for the surface you will be using it on), cleaned it up and spot stained the scratches.
Here is how I recovered this door. First I lightly sanded the white board and cleaned it with water and a towel. Once it was dried I began the adhering process, with Helmar Craft Glue because it works great on metal (that is what a white board is made up of). Be careful, this is a solvent glue and sometimes can damage surfaces like the finished wood! If you are concerned please test it in a small area you don't normally see. Or be very careful with how thick you put it on this project and where you put it.
A Penny Saved Craft Glue
Putting several strips of Helmar Craft Glue up and down the length of the paper then fallowing it quickly with the next step before the glue dried.
A Penny Saved Scraper
Using a Pampered Chef pan scraper (I have a few of these in my scraproom) I smoothed out the glue under the paper. Then repeated these two steps until the pages were fully adhered to the white board.
After embellishing the background and using stickers for my quote, I created a fun paper dress on the Maya Road Dress Form. I just love how it turned out. I love it so much I will probably make a larger more detailed one. I just fell in love with this idea from CHA! In this photo you can see a bit of the layers of crackle and the puff paint I used to add depth to the center design on the background.
Paper Dress form on A Penny Saved
What do you think? I just love making my home more beautiful and Helmar makes it so much easier!
Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Have a Happy Scrappy Day!

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  1. WOW Grace, what a fabulous use of that dressform and repurposed cabinet- I would lOVE to see more pics of the finished product- sounds amazing!


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