Thursday, February 2, 2012

CHAW 2012, a bit about Charity Wings, Helmar and I

There is so much to show you all! CHAW (Craft and Hobby Association Winter show)  2012 was amazing! It was more then I could have expected. I am in the process of dealing with the hundreds of images I took this week so here are just a few. This is Elena, from Charity Wings Organization. They bring crafters, hobbyists and artists together to help their communities and other charities through events and auctions.

To raise awareness for charities that were present at CHA, Charity Wings organized a Flash Mob during registration  before CHA opened Sunday Morning. Elena wore my wings and I am on the right of her in the video (in the teal shirt). Here is the video. 

She's Crafty all right! We had so much fun!

Charity Wings did this event to raise funds and awareness for the fallowing charities... Crop for a Cure, Boys and Girls club, Operation Write Home and more.

The wings I made were donated to Charity Wings and will be displayed in future events. Elena wore then throughout most of the "LIVE from CHA" online streaming event. Where Elena interviews manufactures and  designers, she shows new products and tours the event for two days. Here is a photo of Tracy from Helmar during her interview. She introduced the designers and I answered a few questions about how the wings were made. With HELMAR ADHESIVES of course... hehe!

By the end of the event I felt like I needed to prop my eyes open or I would miss about a million more things. Every time I walked the floor I found more inspiring projects and new products I missed the last time! This is not a photo of me but is is most definitely what I must have looked like walking around trying not to miss anything!

Well I better get back to editing my photos and taking care of my family. I will post more later.

Happy Crafting everyone!


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