Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Organize your flowers in your Craft or Scrap room

SIDE NOTE: Before you get started today I wanted to take a moment to note that the last post was my 200th post on this blog! I can't believe I missed it. LOL! (you may proceed)

Challenge #10 - FLOWERS

There are lots of ways to store flowers, colorful, beautiful flowers. This is the fun stuff, in my opinion. hehe...

SORTING: You can sort your flowers by size, or color, or MFG or types. Most people do it by color or MFG.

Before choosing a storage option think of how many you have... what sizes they range from and how you want to sort them. Please leave room for you to grow.


Page protector pockets: (by MFG then collection)

Tool Drawers:
Sherrie's Scrap Shack By Sherried id=120358...

Displayed in Jars:
IKEA Wall Storage Unit By Jellyziva

Scraproom Flower Organization-Glass Jars By Devine Scrapper

Over the door shoe storage: id=245879...

{F - Flowers} By KellyCali

Starbucks bottles: id=137485...

Art Bin: id=230816... id=124113...

Ziploc and Boxes: (one of the most space saving options) id=219883...

Ziplocs could also be used to sort them... punch a hole in the corner of the baggie and loop them by color families or MFG with a ribbon or a ring and hang them up on the peg board.

POD 4-20 By TexasMomOf4 id=165234...

Clear food containers: id=163498...

Spice Rack (reused): id=130726...

Altered Spice Rack By Stampin Aggie

Only problem with spice racks is the size. If you want room to grow they will not allow you to add larger flowers.

Bead Containers: id=111073...

These come in various sizes.

I hope everyone has fun sorting and storing these beautiful embellishments.

One last photo... it is my storage... I got these at a thrift shop they were donated after a wedding so there were a ton of them there.

As always please share any thoughts. 


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  1. Oh I love my flowers and have them everywhere-love my big candy jars filled and drawers organized by size.


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