Monday, April 9, 2012

Wedding invitations

Hello everyone,

Today I am sharing with you a little project close to my heart. My sister's wedding invitations. These beauties are held together by none other then Helmar Acid Free Glue. I love this adhesive because it is made to have flexibility to it once it is dry.

This made it the perfect choice to use on this project where adhesive had to be used in the folded areas of this invitation. There is no puckering, no waves in the paper... yet all of this was adhered with a liquid adhesive! Impressive... I sure think so.

Helmar Acid Free Glue is in my top three go to adhesives. I chose it because I make so any unique items that sometimes require some flexibility. Here is a fun fact: This glue was originally created as a book binding glue. It is meant to withstand abuse and time.
Have a Happy Helmar Day!
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  1. These turned out beautiful! Such a pretty color palette

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