Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sunrise is a magical time for Mother & Daughter bonding

This summer so far we have been lucky to have two trips to two different major bodies of water. We just moved to the southern east coast and we got to spend a weekend at the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Gulf of Mexico visiting family. My daughter and I took one morning rising before the sun and headed out to the beach to see the sunrise on the water. We have spent her whole life on the west coast so we have only seen sunsets.

Our first morning was at Myrtle Beach. We were blessed that morning to have some fantastic moments together as we walked along the water watching the majestic sunrise. We were honored along the way to be part of an amazing set of events.

I was approached by the first couple to take their photos with the sunrise... he then, out of no where he took a knee and purposed to the love of his life while was taking them. A moment my daughter and I got to witness first hand one a lonely beach the morning that changed their lives as a couple.

The second couple a bit later approached me to take their photos with the sunrise... she was about 8-9 months pregnant. As I took their photos they posed holding hands then he knelt to his knee also and kissed her belly and you could just see the love.

As we walked and talked about the beautiful things we were seeing and the honor it was to be a part of their special moments... we saw a family playing in the waves... and older couple walking holding hands... and we came upon a small sand shark that had died and washed ashore.

That morning we sat there after all we had seen, after the sun rise was done and the day had begun, we talked and shared what it was about life that was so precious. Not the things we have or own, not where we live but who and how we love.

I have never experienced such chronologically laid out moment in time where things just fell into place. Maybe, since we are not normally early risers, we were more open to seeing these moments in the quite and calm of the morning sunrise on the beach. It taught me to always take a moment and breathe, look, listen, feel and embrace it all.

That morning I will never forget. It began a tradition for my daughter and I... the next trip we took one morning to do the same thing, rose up before the sun and headed off to the beach. Our morning was much less eventful that day but we connected a little more, having time to talk, reflect, dream together.

Now there is no vacation/place (we move a lot due to being a military family) that we will go without a morning walk to witness God's blessings of a new day with my precious daughter. 

May your day be blesses in all the right ways.

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