Monday, November 10, 2014

Angel Warrior Costume with Articulated Wings - Halloween/Christmas (video included)

Angel costumes have been favorites for girls during Halloween and then there is always that angel in the Christmas play at church. So I was not surprised when my lovely daughter said she wanted to be one. She changed it up a bit and wanted a bow, arrows, a quiver and some armor. She's unique like that.... not sure where she gets that urge to be different. With those additions, the idea for her Angel Warrior costume was born.

This costume was 100% DIY and handmade, it was even designed in the mind of this very creative 9 year old girl. The three talented people who worked on it is Linda from Living Sew Beautifully, Grace from Uniquely Grace (that's me) and this young beauty (my daughter) in these photos Trinity from You are Tutu Cute (she makes tutu's to pay for her own dance classes) Head to toe you don't want to mess with this deadly combo.

Look here at her quiver, satchel, armor and dress. All were made by Living Sew Beautifully. From nothing more then my daughter's imagination and a artist's rendering.  One of a kind, no patterns used! Linda is awesome like that. Also one little detail look at the bottom of this image, you will see a little red dot. Her arrows have laser pointers in the tips. COOL HUGH?

From behind you can see the cape made by Living Sew Beautifully. Also the bow I designed and my daughter painted. It is inspired by the shape of angel wings. The back of these wings show how large they really are. Each one about 3' in length.

That gives this angel a 7' 8" wing span from tip to tip when they are open. Pretty darn impressive! We love the size of these beauties. Lately my goal with the kid's costumes is to create something that will grow with them or that can be used by an adult even (like me... lol) for years to come.

Now let's see it in action! Here you go!


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