Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween - How am I going to top this one?

Okay, so I need to let you all know that every year I go all out and make the family costumes. Every year it gets harder and harder to make them amazing. This year my daughter decided she wanted to be a paper doll (as seen on the front of the Family Fun magazine, October cover).
Just some poster board and markers... sure... that's easy I thought... LOL! Easy sure... but simple... not if your me. Sometimes I feel I dig myself holes that are bigger then I wish they were when I am down in the middle of them.

Here she is... a 3D Paper Doll Ballerina! (used Helmar 450 all the way! It works great with crate and tissue paper!)

 Here is my costume as a "Literary Work of Art" (used Helmar Acid Free and a splash of water to use with a paint brush to "paper mache" the book pages onto the dress)

The local paper got a hold of us too and put my daughter on the front page!

Then put us both and a small article about Scarysville night and how my costume was the most original.
We also won the best Family Costumes award from our local candy store, The Candy Box,  on D St. Here are the kids with the bucket of candy we won! Tristan was Bumblebee!

As if that was not enough my hubby and I won "Best Costume" and "Scariest Costume" at our friends Halloween party. We got the cutest little trophies and some Denny's Gift Cards!

I hope you all had a Happy and Safe Halloween!

Moon/Lunar Fairy - with articulated wings


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