Thursday, November 1, 2012

Watch out Tony Stark there is a New IRON MAN in town (Boy Halloween Costume)

Hello Everyone!

Tony Stark as Iron Man? Nope, it's my son in a Mark VI Iron Man suit, Avengers version. Watch out Tony Stark, Tristan is going to take over your job... with the ladies! I love my son so much. He is handsome, smart and quite a character.  I am very excited to share with you my son's Halloween costume that was completely built by hand, out of foam mats, close to 500 pieces were cut out of paper, then traced onto foam, cut out of foam and then glued together and primed, and painted. I enlisted everyone, my hubby, my son, my daughter to help with the steps... even my neighbor for help with the lighting.

Here is the costume with helmet and lights.

Want to see it in action? Here is a video of the costume. My son was "so over and done with" the photo shoot at that point... LOL! Please excuse his enthusiasm.The music is coming from him too... The lights are hard to see but are all on, in his eyes, the arc reactor and the repulsor beams in the palm of his hands.

Back to the dashing smile of his...

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PS. All patterns from Pepakura were created by ROBO3867 and Stealth from The Hero Tutorials. Please go check them out. They have fantastic files and tutorial videos. 

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Moon/Lunar Fairy - with articulated wings


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