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A Lauer Christmas Home Tour - Oh, Holy Night - Entry way, Banister and Front Room - Part 1

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This year I am doing something a little different. I will be showing you inside my home this holiday season with a series of posts (Second post - Kitchen, Bath and Dinning Room). We all know the true meaning of Christmas is Christ's birth. This room and space is dedicated to our Lord and Savior. This is a photo heavy post so grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea, cuddle up with your warm blanket by the fireplace and welcome into my home.


I would love to give a HUGE thank you to Michelle over at Shelstring who organized this Winter Wonderland Holiday Home Tour blog hop.

EDIT 12/18 - Today I am honored to be a part of a second Parade of Christmas Home Tours! This home tour has been well organized and generously hosted by Up To Date Interiors. Thank you Kathryn for allowing me to be a part of your special on Bloggers Best homes. 

The Entry Way

Welcome to my home! The holiday spirit is alive in our house the moment you step up to our front door (the outside will be another post) 

Sometimes all it takes a few small items to spruce up what you all ready have. This vintage mirror was already hanging in our entry and I added some flowers and a crystal ornament. It also happens to be in a good position to reflect our tree in the front room.

This year we changed up the exterior decor and my normal door hanging didn't match so I flipped it around and put it on the inside. It makes for a wonderful welcome to the inside entry.

Our stockings are hung with such care on our banister since our new home doesn't have a fireplace. 

My Hubby left these boots at the front door, probably with no thought of it, when he walked out that door almost three months ago to serve overseas. They have not left this spot. I put an angel on them to remind us to pray for his protection and a magnolia flower which represents "life force" and for him to come home to us here in the South.

The Front Room

In the front room we have our "biggest" tree. We loved this tree in our old house as it stood 9' tall in a two story room with a base of 6' diameter at the bottom. However after our move this year we had issues with it actually touching our ceilings here. So our glorious angel was not able to sit atop our nativity themed tree. However she is on display in the room and we still loved how it turned out.

These lil' decor items hanging from my curtain rod on each side of the window were thrown together with mostly Dollar Tree items and some clearance ribbon from a few Christmases ago. The dollar store had these fantastic clip on magnolias that are all over our tree and since we are now living in the south they have replaced our larger white poinsettias.

We love our books around here so we just could not part with packing them up to have more room to decorate so they have little trinkets, flowers and LED candles mixed right on in. Our favorite book and one of many of our book readings Holiday Tradition is the Polar Express, displayed here next to our angel tree topper that would not fit atop the tree this year in our new home.

The bookcase is adorned with little poinsettias and sweet nativity pieces.

I wanted something a bit different this year then in the past and bringing some scrub oak tree branches from outside in was the perfect thing. These were limbs that were dead already and I took some white spray paint and dusted them all over, added them to the galvanized steel pot and some Dollar Tree poinsettias into the branches. 

We don't have a mantel in our new home so this is where I decorate our "mantel". 

One of my favorite parts in this room aside from the tree is my chalkboard sign and my angel announcing the coming of the Christ Child.

This book page tree is one of the items that are hand crafted. I am a window designer for a book store where I make art and home decorations out of books and this is one of my favorite trees I have made. Just had to keep it. 

If you want to see more of my Holiday Book Page art and ornaments please check out these links.
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I hope you enjoyed this part of my home tour. Another post with the Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Dining room and Outdoor Decor will be posted up later this week. I hope you return and join me again. Have a happy holidays and a...

I am so honored to be highlighted in this blog hop right along side of these fantastic homes. Please take a moment to relax and view this beautiful Parade of homes with all sorts of styles and colors. Merry Christmas!


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