Sunday, November 18, 2012

Peacocks for Christmas? Ornaments? Tree Topper and more?

Yes... I actually had the idea this year to create the window display in my little book store I work with and then someone told me "Peacocks and Christmas, those don't go together!". I should know better than to let someone squash my artistic vision too quickly... BECAUSE this season... PEACOCKS are EVERYWHRE... yes ... especially for CHRISTMAS! Pier1, Walmart, Michael's, Marshalls and other stores are decorating for this holiday in blues, teals greens and dark golds, mimicking the peacocks and feather type ornaments are all over the shelves... should have stuck with my gut. UGH!

Yet... prior to seeing these everywhere my daughter decided (about 9pm on Halloween night) she wanted a peacock tree in her room this holiday season. Making Ornaments is a tradition in our house... this year is the "year of the Peacock" according to my daughter who now want's everything Peacock. We discussed it some more and this is what we came up with.

Ornament #1: Helmar Gemstone Glue with a fine tip applicator was used to draw and glitter the eye feather on the outside of the ornament. 

Ornament #2: Helmar Premium Craft Glue was used along the back to glue all the pieces to the gold plaster filigrees.

Ornament #3: No adhesives used

Tree Topper plans: We bought one large clip on peacock bird ornament and we will be adding more feathers and some floral picks to spruce it up.

I will post more as we get the tree up and decorated after Thanksgiving. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Thanks for checking out my blog. Leave a message in the comments below. I love hearing if people like my work. If you have a question please make sure you leave an email for me to answer. Thanks!Fallow me here ---------------------------------------------------------------->
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  1. These are all so fabulous, such a creative idea sweetie


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