Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love framed art with one Spellbinder die and Helmar

Here is a little project to share on Valentines day! I so just love this one. It was made from one Spellbinder die set, the pear. I used the bottom of each pear to make the petals of the rose and the background with the book pages. Helmar 450 Quick Dry is the key adhesive to this project and I just love how it's holding up. I used Helmar Gemstone Glue and a brush to paint the white chipboard frame and then glittered it. 

 Have a Happy Helmar Valentines Day Everyone!

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  1. I'd forgotten what a fabulous digital designer you were, Grace!! I LOVE the ethereal look of your blog background. It's SO good to see you again!

  2. Awe Cheryl,
    Thanks so much! I don't get much time to play on the computer anymore. Maybe I will a bit to get back in touch with it. Thanks again for your wonderfully sweet compliment. Nice to see you again too.


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