Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Working on halloween costumes already! Iron Man sneak peek.

We, in our house, have been discussing halloween for a couple of months now. It's kind of a big deal after last years award winning costumes. Two weeks ago my son settled on iron man. Now most parents hearing this would go to the store or maybe shop online  spending anywhere from $20 to $80 dollars on this costume. If I did this with my son would not be happy with me.
In the past years he has been a transforming Optimus Prime with lights and sounds , Avatar the Last Airbender complete with articulated flying glider prop, Bumble Bee with lights and sound and now this year Iron Man.
After researching many different ways to create his requested  costume, I settled on a design by the foam costume designer named "Stealth". His foam technique converts a 3D paper sculpture pattern, called Papkura, into a full sized costume. it looks fantastically real and I hope I can pull it off.
Here is the first pattern image of the helmet resized to fit my son. Wish me luck! I'm going to need it! LOL!

Moon/Lunar Fairy - with articulated wings

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